Andaman and Nicobar Islands Cheapest Holiday Packages

Andaman and Nicobar Islands Cheapest Holiday Packages

Before starting this article, I want to inform you all about the history of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Everyone should be aware of this. Apart from this, we do have best website to book domestic flights in india. You can explore as much as you can.

Beginning with the Ramayana period, Andaman and Nicobar Islands history is epic. Known initially as Handuman, the location's name was changed over time. Ptolemy records that the name of this location in the first century was Agadaemon Angademan. Many people have already visited this location. You can also visit by booking cheapest flight tickets online.

Arab travelers arrived in the 19th century; Marco Polo, who visited in the 13th century, described the region as Angamanian; Friar Odoric; and Caesar Fredericke, in the 14th and 16th centuries. A naval post was established on a small island next to south Andaman in the 17th century by Lieutenant Archibald Blair of the Royal Indian Navy, using little more than chopping trees, constructing huts, and establishing orchards and kitchen gardens.

For travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Indian nationals do not need a passport or a permit for a restricted region. A RAP (restricted area permit) is required for any international visitor to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a 30-day permission given to non-Indians at the Port Blair Airport upon their arrival. Please be aware that none of the hotels in the Andaman Islands will accept international visitors without a RAP.

Consequently, obtaining this permit is a requirement. Without prior approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, citizens of Burma are not permitted to travel to Mayabunder and Diglipur.

Wagnistrip covers all the major places in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, such as Port Blair, Andaman Sightseeing, Ross Island, Havelock Island, North Bay Island (Coral Island), and Neil Island.

Andaman is well known for its cuisine. Andamanians frequently dine out. You can experience Malay, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and Peranakan cuisines. We go to the entirely Malay Geylang Serai market, where you can eat popular delicacies like roti, Prata, and those while sipping a frothy glass of the native drink, Teh Tarik. We next proceed to the pre-war shophouses in Joo Chiat and Katong. Keep a lookout for popiah masters twisting dollops of dough in mid-air to form paper-thin wrappers for fresh spring rolls. After that, you may wish to join a group heading out for a Night Out at Marina Bay. Another option tonight is to head to the Gardens by the Bay for its unique Rhapsody of Light Show.

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What's included in the accommodation

Hotel accommodations in 3-star hotels


Guide for city tours


Three meals daily while on the tour


Luxury air-conditioned coaches or other modes of transportation (like train trips)

Transfers from the airport on the first and last days of your guided vacation


Headphones with audio for flexible sightseeing

Extracurricular activities and free time

All tips for porters and restaurants

Must-see attractions as well as unexpected bonuses

The knowledgeable travel director and independent driver

Personalized Highlights


Posted On : 06/07/2023